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Wide range of choices 
RoomNow offers over 60,000 Hotels in 175+ Countries and 6000+ Cities. We have wide range of hotels and apartments from 2 star to 5 star properties with price range starting as low as $20 to $2000 per night. Choice is yours.

Best & Lowest rates 
We believe travel should be enjoyed without breaking your bank. We offer our best and lowest rates to customers so they can spend the well earned money on things that matters the most. 

Instant confirmation 
3 Clicks - Look to Book - We confirm your booking instantly and share all your reservation details instantly.

No reservation fees 
We don’t charge you any booking fees or add any administrative charges. And in many cases, your booking can be cancelled free of charge. (as per the cancellation policies)

Secure booking 
We facilitate hundreds of  transactions every day through our secure platform, and work to the highest standards to guarantee your privacy. For further details, please check our Privacy Policy.

24/7 support 
Whether you’ve just booked or are already enjoying your trip, our customer experience team are on hand around the clock to answer your questions and advocate on your behalf.


Live with no excuses, and travel with no regrets.

Your Travel Guides

We consider ourselves travel aficionados, constantly planning our next trips and researching new and unchartered lands. We understand the travel addiction – all of us live with it. That’s why we’ve curated a mobile app and platform that provide you with direct access to the world that awaits. We’re a team of designers, programmers, coders, marketers, and visionaries that believe through technology, you can secure the travel itinerary you have always desired.


We see ourselves as your travel guides. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.


Our Vision

We envision a world in which every traveler has access to the resources and accommodations they need to see the unseen. We envision a world in which financial woes aren’t a barrier to entry for the adventurers that make our communities more vibrant. And we envision a world in which every member of the travel industry is able to witness more traffic for their business.


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